Sun Sign Survival Box

Sun Sign Survival Box

Traveling Gypsy Hippie
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Sun Sign Survival Box is a metaphysical box created every month. Each box includes 6-8 items which can be helpful to use during shifts in our universe. Items such as smudging tools, meditation journals, essential oil blends, candles, yoga asanas, crystals, and Traveling Gypsy Hippie created products. 

When purchasing this product you can select a zodiac sign to determine which box you’d like to preorder, making these boxes perfect for birthdays and other holidays. Selecting the Sun Sign boxes includes additional birthday surprises which will be helpful to use when the sun enters your sign. Or you can select the Current Box option (found at the bottom of the pull down menu) notice the price differences, as these boxes do not include the additional birthday surprise. 

  • Capricorn - Dec 21nd-Jan 19th (orders due by Dec 10th arrive by Dec 21st)
  • Aquarius - Jan 20th-Feb 17th (orders due by Jan 10th-arrive by Jan 20th)
  • Pisces - Feb 18th-March 19th (orders due by Feb 10th-arrive by Feb 18th)
  • Aries - March 20th-April 19th (orders due by March 10th-arrive by March 20th)
  • Taurus - April 20th-May 20th (orders due by April 10th-arrive by April 20th)
  • Gemini - May 21st-June 20th (orders due by May 10th-arrive by May 21st)
  • Cancer - June 21st-July 21st (orders due by June 10th-arrive by June 21st)
  • Leo - July 22nd- Aug 22nd (orders due by July 10th-arrive by July 22nd)
  • Virgo - Aug 23rd-Sept 22nd (orders due by Aug 10th-arrive by Aug 23rd)
  • Libra - Sept 23rd-Oct 22nd (orders due by Sept 10th arrive by Sept 23rd)
  • Scorpio - Oct 23rd-Nov 21st (order due by Oct 10th-arrive by Oct 23rd)
  • Sagittarius - Nov 22nd-Dec 2nd (order due by Nov 10th-arrive by Nov 22nd)

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