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Red Creek Jasper & Dalmation Jasper, and Onyx Stretch Bracelet

Red Creek Jasper & Dalmation Jasper, and Onyx Stretch Bracelet

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Wear this bracelet day and night when trying to heal, open, or activate your root chakra. Healing crystals have been infused with all the Reiki energy.

Red Creek Jasper Associated with the root chakra. It is known to bring balance and relaxation. It is a stone of protection and grounding. It can provide support during a time of stress and worry. It is an excellent stone for quick thinking and helps you stay organized. It is believed to promote compassion, protection, and self-discipline. It can also make you aware of the spiritual connection we hold with all living things.

Dalmation Jasper Associated with the root chakra. This stone offers protection and healing. It strengthens family bonds and long-term friendships. It counters cynicism and skepticism. It is a great stone for someone who is over-analytical. It can ground and center bodies to maintain balance and connection with etheric energies. It is known as the stone of service. It can help harmonize emotions under the most difficult circumstance. It can help you make more informed choices. It can cleanse dysfunctional energies. It offers protection and can help you if you are feeling down.

Onyx Associate with all the chakras but can be combined with other stones allowing additional powers within it to increase. It works with the psyche deflecting negative energy, increasing stamina, and providing inner harmony. It also works to promote self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. It grounds and concentrates energy while helping to cleanse and purify energy within and around the wearer. It can reveal underlying causes and situations alleviating problems in an orderly fashion. Quiets the mind and soul in powerful emotional states.