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Citrine & Tiger Eye Stretch Bracelet

Citrine & Tiger Eye Stretch Bracelet

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Wear this bracelet day and night when trying to heal, open, or activate your solar plexus chakra. Healing crystals have been infused with all the Reiki energy.

Citrine Associated with the solar plexus chakra. It is an excellent stone for self-healing. It symbolizes individuality, confidence, and personal power. It is a great tool to use when trying to rejuvenate your energy. The energies of this crystal can boost your drive and inspiration. It can bring about renewed determination. It is recognized as the stone of light, sun, and life. It can stimulate “sunny” energy during the winter months. It enhances mental energy and brings a balance of the mind and optimism. It can incubate energy holding onto happiness.

Tiger Eye Associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It symbolizes unity and leads to greater self-integration and autonomy. It is effective in lifting depression and promotes concentration. It can help to unite someone's wills and desires. It brings ideas into reality and diverts unwanted energy. It can soothe both the physical and mental body. It can also encourage contact with other people. Enhances integrity, willpower along with practicality, and correct use of power.