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Aventurine, Ruby of Zoisite, Amethyst & Moss Agate Stretch Bracelet

Aventurine, Ruby of Zoisite, Amethyst & Moss Agate Stretch Bracelet

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Wear this bracelet day and night when trying to heal, open, or activate your heart chakra. Crystals have been infused with all the Reiki energy.

Aventurine Associated with the heart chakra. This stone works really well in calming and stabilizing emotions, it can even encourage positive outlooks on life-promoting gratitude. It brings tranquility and peace. Can even be used to increase luck and prosperity.

Ruby in Zoisite Associated with the root, heart, third eye, and crown chakras. This stone works well to manifest ideas and will offer strength to accomplish your dreams. It helps align the chakras. It can transmute negative energy into positive energy. It can improve psychic abilities. It is a stone of courage and strength. It promotes growth and fertility in all aspects of life. This stone is great for someone just starting their spirituality and is recently “awakened” It can help you along your journey of rediscovery.

Amethyst Associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It can calm the mind and ease anxiety. It works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calmness, balance, patience, and peace.  It can help aid in meditation and sleep. Brings about stability and calms harsh emotions. It can increase concentration and confidence in life. Bringing clarity to the conscious and unconscious mind.

Moss Agate Associated with the heart chakra. This stone is great for opening the mind and emotions, creating feelings of expression. It provides a level of security and the desire for new life experiences. It can stimulate knowledge about the natural world helping regrowth. It can bring peace and tranquility connecting with unconditional love and love itself. It can bring a union of mental energy to physical and emotional energy. It can help you connect with thinking and acting.