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Sacred Fire Medicines


A sacred fire medicine from the amazon jungle that brings us energetically in alignment by opening and activating our chakras. It is served by placing a single drop in each eye. It helps to clear out panema (negative stuck energy) assisting you with healing on a physical, spiritual and energetic levels by offering grounding and opening of the Third Eye. It can also help with vision issues, sinusitis, cataracts, red eye, congenative eye diseases, astigmatisms, photophobia, headaches, dry eye, eye infections, depth perception, and decalcifies the pineal gland.

Another fire medicine found in the Amazon. There are multiple blends to choose from and many tribes use different materials to make their ritual snuff. It is mainly made from Mapacho tobacco and other medicinal herbs, ash, and seeds which are ground down into a powder. It is served by blowing a small amount up the nose. It can help with clearing or breaking through blockages, removing panema (negative stuck energy). It opens the third eye, decalcifying the pineal gland clearing the mind. It can also be helpful in healing headaches, sinusitis, and allergies.