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Moon Phase Reiki Ceremonies

New Moon

A time to set intentions and manifest new beginnings. In this phase the moon is between earth and the sun and is not visible to earth. The darkness denotes the beginning, and instinct for birthing. At this phase, the energy builds in strength and intensity. It is the ideal time for you to set clear intentions and goals, start new projects or ideas. A great time to write a letter/list of things you would like to bring into your life.

First Quarter Moon

Time to commit to your intentions. Let go of anything that you're no longer excited about and double-down on what you're still feeling excited about. Review your list from the new moon, then re-feel and re-imagine how you're going to manifest your goals.

Full Moon

Time to Celebrate! At this phase, the moon, earth and sun are aligned like the new moon, but the moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the sun. It is a time for guidance, healing, and magic - harvest what you planted during the earlier moon phases and practice gratitude. This is a wonderful time to let go of things no longer serving you, considering writing a letter/list to the universe releasing and then burn the letter to show the significance of letting go. 

Last Quarter Moon

 This is a powerful time to release bad habits and negativity. If there are any areas of your life that no longer serve you, it is time to let go of them fully before we come back to the New Moon and begin manifesting new beginnings.

cOMmUNITY Moon Phase Reiki Cacao Ceremony

During our Reiki Ceremony, each participant will receive individual Reiki, along with shared reiki energy for the entire duration of our ceremony. There will be shamanic drumming surrounding our healing to help our energy move through our vessels. $10

I will also be serving Sacred Ceremonial Cacao. This is optional and not required to be a part of the ceremony, although the benefits are out of this world.

"What is cacao?" That is the question I hear most frequently. The easiest way to describe it would be, you drink 100% pure chocolate. It is not processed and can normally not be purchased in the grocery stores. It does not contain any added sugars or sweeteners except for a few natural spices that have been blended in.

Cacao is known to deepen your connections. Allowing you to live and breathe love and compassion. Open more fluid communication, helping you manifest abundance with heart chakra focus. Drinking chocolate with intention can help you navigate the dark, loss, painful parts of healing with ease and grace. Ceremonial cacao connects you to the spirit of cacao, yourself, and other people in more profound ways. Cacao ceremonies can help you gain clarity as you do your healing work and inner-processing, providing you with new insights and perspectives. It is prepared with love and light infused with all the Reiki energy. You can feel its warmth filling your chest and belly. DON'T FORGET YOUR FAVORITE MUG (at least 8 ounces). $15


New Moon
Sat. 1/1/22 Wed. 2/2/22 Tues. 3/1/22 Thurs. 3/31/22 Sat. 4/30/22 Sun. 5/29/22 Tues. 6/28/22

1st Quarter

Sun. 1/9/22

Fri. 4/8/22

Tues. 6/7/22  

Full Moon Sat. 12/18/21 Mon. 1/17/22
Fri. 3/18/22 Sat. 4/16/22 Sun. 5/15/22 Mon. 6/13/22   

Last Quarter

Tues. 1/25/22

Wed. 2/22/22

Thurs. 3/24/22

Sun. 5/22/22   


We will be meeting at the 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth (map below)

If you would like to drink Ceremonial Cacao with us I do need to prepare it before hand, please complete the comment section below. Include you name and the date that you would like to attend along with how many people in your party, I will send you some additional information and payment options.