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Energy Healing Services

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. To explain this definition further, I describe the energy within our chakras. When you hear someone say, "I need my chakras aligned," they would contact someone like me. Energy should flow freely throughout the body, but sometimes we can hold onto things that serve us no purpose, becoming blockages within our body. These blockages are not allowing the energy of our breath (prana) to flow freely. What I do is act as a carrier between you and the universe, and by using the symbols handed down to me by Masters, I can loosen and remove the stagnant and negative energy creating blockages. When we complete the session, I give all of this energy back to the earth to be transmuted and recycled into positive energy. Since Reiki is a Universal Energy, it can be performed in person and distantly. I prefer to use technology tools available nowadays by utilizing a video chat. By doing this, I can see and feel your energy a lot brighter, plus you can see me.

Thai Yoga Therapy is a traditional Thai technique that works the body's energy channels called Sen Sib. Deep stretches, thumb, and finger placements on energy channel pressure points help move the body's stagnant energy. Clients remain fully clothed in loose-fit clothing or clothing used to practice yoga. Combining this technique with Reiki energy work, I can loosen the negative or stagnant energy creating blockages and move it through the channels with these Thai techniques, providing a more profound sense of healing.

During all of these healing spaces, I rely on intuition and listening to higher sources guiding me to hold space. I enjoy utilizing different shamanic tools and guidance from ancestors and spirit guides connecting to the Divine Source, helping to provide you with the answers you may be searching for. Every session is usually different than the next, allowing you to drop expectations of what your healing journey is supposed to look like.

In-person Reiki Healing Session

Indoor and Outdoor Sacred Space
30 mins - $30
60 mins - $60
90 mins - $90

Distance Reiki Healing Session

Let us have a distance Reiki session if you don't live in the area. This can be scheduled over the phone or through a virtual video chat.
30 mins - $20
60 mins - $40
90 mins - $60

Reiki 4 Session Package

4 - 60 min sessions scheduled every week for 4 weeks or can be spread out every 2 weeks over an 8 week period.
Normally $240
Indoor Sacred Space $200
Outdoor Sacred Space $222

Reiki Chakra Balancing Package

8 - 60 min scheduled sessions, each session is focusing on a separate chakra with the 8th session focusing on all of the chakras.
One session is scheduled a week over eight weeks. Starting with the root chakra moving up to the crown chakra.
Normally $480
Indoor Sacred Space $333
Outdoor Sacred Space $400

Reiki House Cleansing

Being mindful of the energy in your home is very important. Every time you leave your house and around other people, we can pick up the powers around us. When you come home, you are bringing these energies with you. Protecting your energy is very important, but the energy you spend a lot of time is vital.
Standard 3 bedroom house $100

Reiki Infused Spiritual Guidance

Are you just beginning the path on your spiritual journey? Are you looking for assistance as you navigate this new vision and way of life? Through my own experiences, I am here and available to offer you tips and tricks as you heal through past traumas and help you resonate at your highest frequency. I will create a sacred space infused with universal reiki energy where we can converse while I help you understand what you may be seeing or experiencing, with ways to assist you through letting go and living your best life.
60 mins - $60

Reiki Guided Shamanic Cacao Journey

Deepen your connections. Live and Breath Love and Compassion. Open more fluid communication, helping you manifest abundance with heart chakra focus. Drinking chocolate with intention can help you navigate the dark, loss, painful parts of healing with ease and grace. Ceremonial cacao connects you to the spirit of cacao, yourself, and other people in more profound ways. Cacao ceremonies can help you gain clarity as you do your healing work and inner-processing, providing you with new insights and perspectives. After drinking our ceremonial cacao we will take a journey using shamanic trance-like drumming providing you with a safe space to have your experience on a deeper level, helping the spirit of cacao move her way through your body. Space scheduled and held outside at the 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth, best time of day to journey is in the mornings. Walk the labyrinth before and after our session to clear the mind and bring you closer to your body, mind, and spirit.
Private Ceremony 60 mins - $80
Couples Connection (2 people) 60 mins - $100

Private Sacred Shamanic Medicinal Plant Ceremony

Private space either held in studio or in your home (travel expenses may apply). Providing a safe container for ceremonial plant medicine consumption with pure intention. Shamanic drumming and techniques to enhance experiences based on what the energy is calling for. Every Ceremony is different, than the other depending on intentions. What plants are calling you?
Prices vary based on plant and season. Please inquire for more information.

Thai Yoga Therapy

60 minute - $75
90 minute - $110
120 minute - $140

Reiki + Thai Yoga Therapy

60 minute - $90
90 minute - $120
120 minute - $150

Reiki Chakra Balancing Package with Thai Yoga Therapy

8 - 60 min scheduled sessions, each session is focusing on a separate chakra. With one final session focusing on all of the chakras.
One session is scheduled a week over eight weeks. Starting with the root chakra moving up to the crown chakra.
$720 discounted to $555

Tok Sen Thai Yoga Therapy

An ancient technique uses a wooden nail and hammer to gently tap the blocked energy within the Sen Sib lines.
$1/minute (add on to another treatment)

Foot Reflexology

For relaxation purposes
60 mins - $75