September Survival Box

The September box is full of some different themes this month. Wondering if any of my subscribers were able to pick up on them? None of which were planned, by the way, but how everything worked its self out. GO BRONCOS!!! 

When I first came up with the Survival Box idea, I started brainstorming and decided that each month was going to be given a particular color, which would be the main theme of the box. The color would on the information cards, the color of the intention setting candle, and also the color of the Magical Gypsy Wishing Dust. I would work around that for everything else. As the box has evolved, things changed on their own. The crystals changed from a specific color to a crystal I was being told we all could use some energy focus.

The color for September was Dark Blue. We were given a dark blue intention setting candle and dark blue Magical Gypsy Wishing Dust symbolizing knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. Dark Blue can invoke calmness, relaxation, and rest during meditation. It can provide you with a tranquil feeling. It can also help with self-expression. Blue is the color associated with the water element. 

Our Daily Meditation Journal included a different activity than months previously. I thought we could turn our focus to the sacral chakra. I asked you to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Holding onto the crystal that was also included in the Survival Box. Roll your shoulders back and down, opening your chest. Imagine a bright spinning orange ball of energy right above your pubic bone. In your sacral area. Focusing on your breath, sitting comfortably in this space. When you are ready opening your eyes and asking yourself "I feel most beautiful when?" It is a great exercise which we should focus on daily. Have fun writing or doodling in your journal. Maybe you can't put into words what the answer is but you can draw a picture. 

A beautiful orange calcite crystal, which was given reiki loving energy, and a couple of full moon charges, were placed in this issue. Orange calcite is best used with the sacral chakra. Calcite symbolizes inner enlightenment and mental growth along with promoting development, especially in children. Native American's consider calcite a holy stone given to them by gods. This stone is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. It can help you do away with old habits, behavior, and your way of thinking. It can help you expand your business and makes your dreams reality. 

Another 4-inch bundle of sage was our smudging tool this month. Sage is the most popular smudging tool, and you can never have too many. It is known to help clear stagnant and negative energy from spaces. It also brings wisdom and purity. As always, you should set an intention while lighting.

We are moving right along Sun Salutation Sequence. This month's pose is one of my favorites, Upward Facing Dog, also known as Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. Urdhva- means upward. Mukha- means facing. Svana- means dog. Moving from Chaturanga Dandasana as you inhale move your gaze to look at the sky above you. Keep your hands in the same spot, your feet about hip-width distance apart. Roll forward onto the tops of your feet straightening your arms. Try to push your head as far back as possible. Your legs should be straight and engaged. Your knees should not be touching the floor, and all your weight should be on your palms and your toes. This pose is very great for those who are suffering from a stiff back, as it rejuvenates your spine and strengthens your lower back. When you expand your chest, you are allowing your lungs to gain elasticity. 

One of the best selling salt scrubs was created in Tina this month. It was the first month I made any Traveling Gypsy Hippie products in the small quarters of Tina's kitchen. It was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be, so I am excited to see what other creations I will be able to whip up. A 1-ounce jar of Coconut Patchouli Salt Scrub is the TGH item. One of my favorites. Make sure you shake the contents or mix them around before using, the oils tend to separate. Natural ingredients and oils help nourish the skin while the salt scrubs away dry skin. 

On the back of the crystal card, there is a 25% off coupon code. You can use the code "DIET" to save 25% off any TGH product from the Traveling Gypsy Hippie Collection. This includes regular sizes of Coconut Patchouli Salt Scrub. You don't have to be a subscriber to use this code, and you can use it as many times as you would like.

Our Featured Artist is someone very special to me and is actually our September Featured Farmer, rather than Artist! Suzy Schuler is the owner and operator of Handsome Charlie an Urban Farm & Market Garden located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado. Suzy wanted an opportunity to share some of natures bounty with all of my subscribers. Raw honey harvested in the city from one of her queen bees mad eyes it’s debut just in time for the Harvest Full Moon. Did you know that it takes 12 bees to make just one tsp of honey in their entire lifetime?

Suzy has been creating things, and adventures for as far as she can remember but only one year ago created the farm, by putting shovel to soil. Before that, she had a marketing consulting business for over 15 years. Suzy says, " I have the great fortune of the universe conspiring with me. I love doing good things, learning and sharing what I know. Doing good feels good, and puts more good out there. I think so many people are busy and while they want to do what's best for themselves and their families, it can be really hard being inundated with marketing messages and pressures, even misleading info from our government agencies. I think the conventional food and health/beauty industries have sold us all out to the highest bidder and have poisoned us under the guise of convenience (for profit). We have evolved in so many ways but sometimes simple is still best. Live with the land, eat with the seasons, use everything and re-use/recycle and be conscious about what you take from the earth and what you put into it. I keep this in mind when I create anything and always pass a message along." You may notice the label on the honey jar actually pictures Handsome Charlie, Suzy's loyal cat companion and inspiration for the farm. As her co-pilot, he's joined her on travels across the country several times. She also has five chicken farm pets, Willow, Molly, Cheryl James, Payton, and Pepa. 1 praying mantis, Henry the 18th. Along with a whole lot of ladybugs under the reign of Queen Periwinkle, Queen Oleana, and The Martian Queen. Suzy is someone you should keep an eye on. She sees her farm literally growing over the next few years. She has many new ideas for new crops she would like to try. She just wants her farm to be as efficient as possible to help herself and mother earth. She plans to keep learning how to make sustainable products for everyone. She hopes to be able to provide an urban neighborhood CSA swap in the next few years. She also wants to get two goats. If you would like more information about visiting this farm the next time you are in Denver, you can reach out to her on Instagram

I will mention again that the discount on 3-month prepaid Survival Boxes is only $75 a month including shipping. You will get grandfathered in so when these goes back to the regular price you will still receive the discount. Don't miss out on this great deal!!