March Survival Box

Every month on the 15th, I head to the post office like a little fairy. It is Survival Box day, and my little boxes are on their way to their homes to shine brightly. Driving to the post office immediately places a forever smile on my face. I had created the idea of the Survival Box in November of last year as I was flying home from a yoga workshop in California. It was going to be a monthly subscription box that would allow me to send presents to my friends. I thought of all the spiritual tools that I use to help myself survive the month with all the shifts that are thrown at me and wanted to share some of my secrets.

On March 20th, I premiered the contents of the March Survival Box. It has to be one of my favorite issues so far. I truly enjoy creating these boxes and spreading love and light to everyone that receives them. I believe that the main reason why I love March so much is because the creative energy really started to flow. It gave me ideas on how I could improve and what people really want. I know there are a lot of subscription boxes on the market now, and the one thing I strive for is never allowing a subscriber to say "This month wasn't that great."

Every month I have a Featured Artist showcasing their creations. Most of which are already involved in the Traveling Gypsy Hippie Boutique. This month my good friend and wifey, Stephanie Marie and her company Spirit Owl Creations. She created the most amazing handmade crystals. She wrapped each one and even tied them with a bow. IMG_6032


Steph had crossed my path thanks to music. Our first encounter was meeting in the hall on deck 11, on the 311 cruise back in 2013, she was grateful to take a photo for me. I had no idea at the time that she would become such an amazing and close friend. We lived near each other in California and would go on double dates occasionally. Only to live nearby each other in Denver, Colorado years later where she currently calls home. Like many music fans, she usually listens to many types of music while she crafts and creates her pieces. I asked her what song she can relate to most right now, to give a listen to her musical inspiration. She responded "Stick Figure, "Easy Runaway," in the lyrics, "The world needs people like you, you're here to make a difference." She is always ready to create when 311 (she is a lifelong fan), Dispatch, or pretty much anything 80's and classic rock.

IMG_6031 2.jpg

Stephanie officially started her own business, Spirit Owl Creations about a year and a half ago, although it has been in the works for many years. This is not surprising at all since she has been crafting since she could pick up and hold a crayon. Stephanie is the kind of artist that can see the beauty in anything around her, she can not only see something other's cannot, but she has a way of bringing the beauty within to the surface. She is captivated by different art forms and inspiration all around her. In junior high school, she loved MC Escher, Dali, Kahlo, and Picasso.

"I wanted to see life in a way that resonated with my experience the way that those artists did with theirs."

"Meeting of the Minds," the little get-togethers Stephanie likes to host, where other creative souls can come together and have what she calls "idea babies." She genuinely tries to live life in a way that fosters creativity and passion so all things can inspire her. By believing that anything is beautiful is all a matter of perspective allows her to upcycle things others may want to throw away. Giving something a new life with new purpose. When you see and hold Stephanies pieces, you can immediately feel the love and energy she put into making that one of a kind piece. She pours her heart into her work.


There are a bunch of ways you can get your hands on some of Spirit Owl Creations masterpieces. Most of her orders are special order, you can also take a peek at her Etsy store, although she doesn't usually pose her one-of-a-kind pieces. Etsy Store: Spirit Owl Creations. Make sure you follow her on Facebook Spirit Owl Creations and Instagram Spirit Owl Creations. Already know what you are thinking about having created? Stephanie can make it happen, for sure. So shoot her an email

Also included in the March Survival Box were some tools to help you be successful during Mercury Retrograde, a sage bundle helps cleanse the energy of your home and your personal space. They are 4 inches long and burn very evenly. I find myself freshening my space by burning some occasionally. Sage is just the best. These bundles are available in the boutique. IMG_0661

Being able to set an intention with help from an Intention Setting Chime Candle can act as an aid in meditation. These candles are in every Survival Box, every month. They vary in color and benefits to burning with an intention set. They last for about 1 1/2 hours, so setting an intention before lighting is beneficial. Purple is the gift of magic. It is associated with transitions, spiritual awakening, and can bring you to a dream state. Peace Love and harmony can be found when burning this candle with intention.IMG_0856

The month would be no fun if there weren't a journaling activity included in the Survival Box. This month I suggested that people write down a song every day that they most relate to. By the end of the month, you will have a beautiful soundtrack of your life. I am hoping that subscribers will share their soundtracks with me. I am always looking for new road trip music to listen to.

I am obsessed with crystals and hope that the Survival box will help you expand or even start your collection. This month the powerful Clear Quartz Crystal Points were carefully placed in the Survival Box. Everyone should have one of these in their collections. They are known as Master healing crystals. Clear Quartz crystals have a unique power to take on the energy of any situation. They can strengthen the underlying structure of your aura you can imagine this like your emotional skeleton. Quartz crystals have such a good effect on emotional energy and positive attitude. It can help bolster our spirits and lift use out of that feeling of dullness. Are beneficial when you feel lost or uncertain. IMG_0662

Traveling Gypsy Hippie also released a brand new never before seen product. "Juniper Berry Tone Me Up" is an all natural toner made with witch hazel and Juniper Berry doTERRA essential oils. It works great to tighten your skin and keep acne and breakouts at bay. You can choose from 5ml or 15ml bottle, starting at $5. IMG_0851

All of these items are available for individual purchase in the boutique. Check it out for so much more. Happy Shopping, Happy March, and Happy Mercury Retrograde!



See ya next month!!

~Traveling Gypsy Hippie.