June Survival Box

Can you believe I have been on this journey with the Survival Boxes for six months now? It blows my mind how much the boxes have grown, and this month we celebrate our 1/2 Birthday!!!

All orders processed on June 10th and all boxes shipped out on the 15th. After allowing a few days for packages to arrive in subscribers hands, it is time to release the contents of the box along with the June Procrastinators Box. I shoved 10+ items in each box this month, so let the Survival begin.

For those that haven't heard of the Survival Subscription Box or are unaware of the what it is, let me explain the box a little. Each month the universe throws us some shifts and changes, sometimes you may feel like you can not stand up on your surfboard to ride the wave. With a monthly subscription, I will send you a present every month with metaphysical tools to help you survive. IMG_0934

Some staple items are in each month's issue such as a different colored intention setting candle (you will receive a candle holder with your first issue), Magical Gypsy Wishing Dust, a daily meditation journal with a different writing activity each month, some type of smudging tool, and a crystal. Every month there is a color assigned to the box. A candle, is a candle, is a candle. But the color of the candle can help you manifest different things in your life. Just as different crystals help manifest certain things, these intention setting candles do the same thing. They burn for about 1 1/2-2 hours. A few subscribers along with myself feel that burning them when taking a bath is the most relaxing, but you can do anything you'd like with them. IMG_0938.jpgIMG_0864

Green is the color associated with the heart chakra it is also the color of associated with air, with life, with energy, and with renewal. The magical gypsy wishing dust was also green this month, putting love out to the universe will bring love back into your life. See green, be green, inhale and exhale green loving energy.

On June 21st, we will celebrate Summer Solstice. The seasons are changing and with that said, we are also. The daily meditation journal activity this month was to write down something every day that you dream of or something that you have accomplished already that you are proud of. We are continually evolving and changing just like the season. Having something to look back on when feeling defeated, as we may experience in the next month or so can reassure you that you are exactly where you should be in life. Be patient.

I had all these intentions of using a green stone to go with the green theme, but I changed things up a bit. A few people were coming to me, and our conversations usually involved talking about communication. Communication was a big theme lately so since all of those people, including myself are subscribers I placed a Blue Calcite stone in the box. Blue Calcite is an excellent stone to improve communication. It is associated with the throat chakra. This stone is also great to use to help improve psychic abilities. If you are curious or want to enhance your psychic skills, use it with your third eye chakra. It can help communication with higher powers or with other humans. It can help you speak your truth. An excellent stone to use during meditation. IMG_0913

When it came to smudging tools I used a new product that hasn't been in the Survival Box before. Incense Matches. Have you seen these before? They are awesome!!! It's a matchbook of incense sticks. They are great if you need a quick meditation or a room refresher. You can keep them in the car or the bathroom, on your altar. They come in 25 different scents and available in the boutique. IMG_0916

A few months ago, I introduced the Asana Cards. All first-time subscriber you begin at the beginning of the Asana deck so you won't be lost. We started a sequence, and each month a new asana is introduced. In a few months, we will have all the poses needed to create the Sun Salutations A sequence. I think they are helpful because you can use them to help you build your sequence. You are shown what the benefits are, where you should be focusing your breath, the position of the body; I also show you the Sanskrit name and its translation. We are trying to dig in a little deeper, getting in touch with our bodies and our minds and not just going through the motions. It is about what you learn on the way down.

Tibetan Prayer Flags are also included in the Survival Box. They work great on a mini alter or above a doorway. These flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Tibetans believe that if you hang them outside the wind will blow the mantras to others. Spreading love and light. IMG_0939

You've heard the saying "two birds, one stone," right? The premier Traveling Gypsy Hippie product is just that. Lately, I have been having a little difficulty sleeping, and when I would wake up, it looked as though I had trouble. My face was all puffy, especially my eyes. Introducing "Sleepy Serum" this little bottle of magic, when applied at bedtime, will not only help you fall asleep but it will help relieve puffy eyes when you sleep. Made with my most favorite carrier oil, Argan oil. Directions say to apply it focusing on the area under and around your eyes, but I use it all over my face. I love the way argan oil makes my face feel. It isn't one of those oils that makes me break out, but instead, it heals my skin. Blemishes are diminishing, and scars are even fading. IMG_0906

IMG_0910Released today for individual purchase in the boutique are my handcrafted Intention Wands. These were also included in the June issue Survival Box. Each one is handmade by me, and infused with Reiki. Dried flowers and crystals including a selenite stick make these wands genuinely magical. Use them during meditation, to help manifest your intentions. Charge and cleanse them under the moons, to bring good luck and to protect your energy. IMG_0907

Every month there is a unique item created by a Featured Artist. This month the very talented, Megan Colby stuck with the green theme and created the most remarkable friendship bracelets. Megan is the owner and operator of her business bohoECO. You should check her out on Facebook or Instagram. Her craft is known as upcycling. She takes those worn shirts or bedding or anything and turns it into something beautiful and useful, giving it a new purpose. Quite a lot of her inventory is listed in the boutique, and since the creativity has been sparked recently, she is creating some new things so stay tuned. IMG_0915

I thought maybe we could dig a little deeper into the life of Megan and bohoECO. Residing on the West Coast of Florida near Tampa Bay, Florida, this crafter has been doing her thing for quite a few years. The Healing Hounds were very excited to hear that Megan and her family rescued a dog named, Luna. She is part black lab and part border collie  Megan says "She's so snuggly and lovey, a bit crazy and she loves to chase squirrels." Sounds a lot like Koda and Marilyn Mae, so I can see why they were so excited to hear about her.

In 2011, bohoECO was born. It began as a blog containing photos of crafts she had made. Over the years she made lots of custom-made items for friends, mostly bags, and purses. Megan told me why she creates the pieces that she does, she said

"I like finding new life in things that may be discarded. Being kind to our Earth is a big part of this, learning to reuse things, recycling, and upcycling are things we can all do to be easier on the environment. I make stuff from materials I find at thrift stores or in my own closet. A lot of times I find a crazy t-shirt or a funky patterned skirt and I see a fun bag. I love the challenge of trying to use up every last piece of something, so a lot of times I'll use shirt sleeves as pocketsm reuse zippers in a different place, or patch items together. My inspiration can come from anywhere. I think bohoECO is my little way of contributing to a better future."

I love the fact that Megan wakes up every day to "Good Vibes" by Rebelution. You can tell in her work that she is trying to spread love and light to everyone she comes across, to start days with a positive message of inclusiveness, love and unity. She strives to be the best human possible.

Megan wanted me to add that she loves making custom items for people, so if you have an old concert tee or other article of clothing, or anything you love but don't use, she would love to make it into something special so hit her up! You can reach her on Instagram or Facebook.

bohoECO can also be found on etsy, but she wanted me to inform you, that as of right now, there isn't any inventory posted on it. Head over to the TGH Boutique and see what I have in stock from bohoECO.

That's it folks! See you next month!