August Survival Box

It is interesting but not, how things work out. When I first created the Survival Box, I had created colors for each month and then went looking for Featured Artists. The August Issue Featured Artist was my best friend in the world, my soul sister, my mentor, and teacher Michelle Frey. What ended up making this box interesting is that Michelle aka Meadow's favorite color is purple and that is precisely what the colored theme for August was. 

The box looked beautiful all put together, and I know that when Meadow received her issue, her heart was so full. 

We worked with a dark purple intention setting candle. Purple is the color associated with the third eye chakra. It is the color that helps us understand the importance of magic and ceremony in our lives. Purple is the gift of magic. Burning this candle while meditating can help you through life's transitions. Aid you getting to a dream-like state. Purple is the color most powerful wavelength. The dark shades of purple are more intellectual and dignified purple includes stability of the blue color and energy of the red. 

Every issue includes a daily meditation journal with writing activity and Magical Gypsy Wishing Dust. This month our activity was to focus on Self Love. Self-love is the most important kind of love. For how much we love ourselves shows how much we can love others. Be gentle with yourself, we are all human, and no one is perfect. Remember it is ok to make mistakes, try to learn from them. Our task was to use the journal to write down something different every day that you love about yourself. 

You can never have too much sage in my opinion, so another four-inch bundle was included in this box as our smudging tool. 

Moving right along through our Sun Salutation yoga sequence we approached one of my favorite asana's Chaturanga Dandasana, Four-Limbed Staff Pose. I find myself doing this asana quite often to help gain strength in my arms and wrists. After having had an unfortunate accident, my right wing was left very weak and with quite a lot of damage. Practicing this asana was difficult at first, but the movement helped me gain strength. Being able to practice yoga again after my surgery finally, this was my go too, to also help strengthen my core abdominal muscles. 

Placing an amethyst on the crown chakra or top of the head during meditation can aid in improving psychic abilities. Amethyst increases concentration and confidence in life. People who regularly wear amethyst are said to fascinate others with their personalities and charisma. Amethyst should be a staple in any alter to bring peacefulness and happiness into your life. A gorgeous amethyst cluster was placed in the issue for August. These are available in the Traveling Gypsy Hippie Boutique. 

Traveling Gypsy Hippie placed the top-selling spray in the box this month as well. "Pants Party" just like the name, this spray gives your pants a little party. Perfect to have in your bathroom, purse, or car. With multiple functions. Not only can you spray this in your private area to give you a refreshing smelling felling, but you can also use it after shaving as it prevents razor burn. Never get those breakouts after shaving again. But that isn't it. There is more. The handful of essential oils that are mixed in with this rose water and fractionated coconut oil blend are also very helpful for bug bites and bee stings. I used this quite a lot when I was staying at my mom's house in Nevada; the mosquitoes were eating me alive. I sprayed this on my bites, and I never felt an itch after. A friend of mine also was having some irritation from a bee sting. I suggested she use the spray to see if it would help and to her surprise the irritation subsided. It has so many functional uses. 


Let's get to know Meadow (Michelle) a little bit better. She created the most beautiful smudging feathers to help us cleanse our sacred space. There were a few different types of feathers that were used. Each set is different than the next to make it unique to the subscriber infused with Karuna Reiki for compassion and unconditional love. She used a few different types of feathers. 

Peacock- The ability to see and understand through the eye of the heart. Use loving wisdom and perceptive wisdom in dealing with others.

Grouse- Understanding, and connection to the sacred spiral. Personal power through birth and rebirth connecting within. 

Turkey- Connection to Mother Earth in the form of abundance and nourishment in your life.

Swan- Awakening the power of self through intuition, grace confidence, love, and balance.

Duck- You can overcome obstacles by using intuition, ingenuity and emotional detachment in your decisions.

Meadow, the name and face being Be Well Healing, has been crafting and creating forever. Five years ago she followed her path which lead her to yoga, she became a yoga teacher and began to experience life on a different wavelength. She is inspired by those who are open-minded and live outside the box. People who fuel their passion and turn it into their lifestyle and money-making endeavors. She trusted her path and has grown into a fantastic healer. Sound has always been a significant influence in her life, which lead her to become a sound healer. Using any kind of instrument that resonate on different frequencies of healing, such as sound bowls and shakers. She is chasing her dreams with a five-year plan of living in Hawaii being able to connect individuals with their inner healer. Meadow creates to move the energy of the sacral chakra and to share the gift of art. Everyone is able to heal themselves, but you have to be willing to let go of what you know, embrace the discomfort, trust the process and be open to receive. You are love. Be you. If you would like to learn more about Meadow and the healing services she offers, please check out her Instagram page @bewellhealing or visit her website Be Well Healing