April Survival Box

The Full Blue Moon on March 31st pushed April into "change central." So many changes have occurred this month.

As of April 1st, all products in the Traveling Gypsy Hippie Boutique now include tax!! Survival Boxes are not being charged tax at this time, because technically they are presents and I just feel like spreading the love.

The prices and options for the Survival Box Subscription have also changed. Now month-to-month subscriptions start at $25 + $7.20 shipping.

You can even Pre-order a Survival Box for $30.00 now, so if you have wanted to test it out and see what the Survival Box is all about, you can do just that, order worry-free. All orders must be received by the 10th of the month, and the boxes will ship on the 15th.

There is even an option for the Procrastinators out there allowing you to purchase the Survival Box after it is released on the 20th during the Box Opening Party for $30.00, but this option is only while supplies last and will just be available till the 10th of the following month.

I know it is a little confusing so here is a short break down that may make it easier to understand. 20th (2)

Now that business is out of the way lets talk about the fun stuff and what was included in the April issue. Later this evening there will be a LIVE Box Opening Party on Facebook. The video will remain visible until the end of time. So make sure you check it out and ask any questions you may have or make suggestions, leave feedback, or just see what I am up too.

The box has a few staple items, The Magical Gypsy Wishing Dust is going nowhere!! It is something fun to use to help make your wishes heard. Makes a fun gift for someone you love, or maybe even a fun present for your child. Another item that remains in the Survival Box is the meditation journal, for now, it also is not going anywhere. I am having fun with it, this month I had created a fun activity where we can go on an adventure. The idea was that every day you wrote down a destination near or far that you wish you could one day visit. By the end of the month, or till your next journal comes, you would have a trip of a lifetime, and I want to know where we are going together because I will be there in spirit.IMG_0863

The intention setting candles are fun too, they as well are not going anywhere. I use my candles quite often depending on what it is I am trying to manifest. The color of the candle is aiding me in my meditation and manifestation.

Every month there is also some type of crystal. This month I chose some beautiful AragoniteIMG_0703 It is also known as the "Earth Healer" and is associated with the root chakra. Each piece is so different than the next, they are very grounding and bring about stabilization. They can help you focus on what really matters. Using this stone during meditation can strengthen concentration.

I decided to take my personal essential oil blends to the boutique and this month they premiered. Two different oil blends were finally bottled and are now available. IMG_0874Stress Relief on skin #1 is available in 4 different sizes, sample size 5/8dram, 5 ml, 15 ml and 50ml. It is a gentle massage oil that can help relieve stress and aid in relaxation. You can massage it onto your temples, behind ears, back of neck, shoulders or really over your entire body where ever you desire.  It is my secret recipe made blended together with jojoba oil.

Energize Yourself in air #3 was also featured. IMG_0875This is a diffusing oil blend. You should add about 6-8 drops in your diffuser with approximately 100ml of water, allow the energizing scent to awaken your mind and bring about concentration and alertness. All "in air" blends are only available for sale in a sample 5/8 dram size. If you enjoy the scent, you can purchase the recipe along with the needed FULL-SIZE doTERRA essential oils. You can use these oils to remake this blend and to create more unique combinations of your own.

April is the first month that I have decided to pull in Travel Gypsy Hippie Yoga to the Survival Boxes, with the launch of the Asana Cards. When you order a Survival Box, you will also start receiving asana cards. These cards are to help you increase your own yoga practice. Your first card will include the sequence we are going to learn along over the following months along with a starting card, or your first pose card. Every month you will receive the next pose in our sequence eventually pulling it all together. The cards show and explain how to enter the pose along with the benefits and technique and modifications or variations.

Last but not least, we have our April Featured Artist Deware Accessories, although there has been talk of a name change after this most recent rebranding to Deware AccessorTEAS. Which I personally LOVE!

Owner and Operator, Rocio Godoy-Stalker, and I have been friends for quite a few years. We met through mutual friends when I was living in Santa Cruz area, Rocio and her husband lived just outside the Bay area in Hayward, only about 45 minutes away. Rocio was one of the very first artists I had come into the Traveling Gypsy Hippie Boutique. She crafts the most unique jewelry and is always trying to think of ways to expand. I think it would be safe to say that we both sort of light that fire within each other.

Rocio has been crafting all her life, her mom and she would make things to help keep their minds off of the everyday stresses. It was something they could bond over. I had to find out what or who she pulls her inspiration from.

"My mom is my daily inspiration! She taught me to love with all my heart, but with my eyes and ears open. She also taught me when I didn't agree with something or if I questioned anything to always as those important questions. To never hold back and always ask those important questions. To never hold back and always ask those important questions. To never hold back and always speak up when something or someone is being wronged. To stick up for myself and those you love, but I am also inspired by everything and everyone. I love people who love expressing themselves in any way, shape, form or matter. I take pleasure in seeing someone being in their element and working from that energy."

Her company has sort of a story behind it, Deware Accessories have been around four going on five years. It started by just wearing individual pieces of jewelry that she would make with bits of old costume jewelry. She would continuously get compliments or would be asked where she got them. At first, she would just give away her pieces, but her husband brought up the idea of making a business out of it to support her hobby. She loved creating, so she gave it a try and here she is today.

Rocio and her husband have been married for 19 years on April 23rd, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Guys!!! Her crafts, unfortunately, were given a back seat while she and her husband bought a new house. It took a couple of years to get things done, and she is finally starting to put a lot more energy into her business again. She says, "I'd rather create things with my full positive train of thought, rather than give it half the energy and not be proud of my work." Her website is currently under construction as she is working on a new site. www.dewareaccessories.com .

Like most artists, she listens to music while crafting. She says, "311, Stick Figure, and old school rap! 311 is all about positivity and feel that I sometimes need to hear those messages that remind me of the good in the world. Stick Figure has that chill type of music you need when creating. Then there is old school rap for when I really need to get things done."

"I also love to make what makes me feel good and happy at that moment. I love to feel like I'm creating, making, doing something good and it's truly made with love. I'm a strong believer that every part of your energy goes into things that you create or make. I enjoy being able to make something for someone, then later on in life you see it somewhere in their home or on them. It's such a happy moment for me because I can remember every little feeling I was going through when I made that. It's like smelling a really good smell in the best place in the world and always being reminded of that moment."

I would like to tell Rocio that she is still in my thoughts, just last month one of her furbabies past away. RIP Tsunami Haze. Rocio, the fact you were able to go through this loss and still be able to come through with new branding and create the featured items in the Survival Boxes, shows your dedication. She was able to put together a fabulous sample product featuring her new line of Holistic Teas. I was reaching out to her knowing that she was making these teas for herself after meeting with an Herbalogist, I was recently diagnosed with uterine fibroids and endometrial polyps and wanted to see if there was a tea that could help treat myself. She created six different tea blends, 6 tea bags included in each Survival Box some of which are also available in the boutique as of today. 3 caffeine free, 3 caffeinated. Berry Green Tea, Chai, De-Stress & Digest, Moon Goddess, Morning Dew & Orange Spice.

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To shop more of Deware Accessories in the TGH Boutique click here

Or you can shop at www.dewareaccessories.com make sure you follow her on Instagram and Facebook.