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Sacral Chakra TGH Toolbox

Yoga Yoga can be challenging even if you are fit and in excellent health. Yoga is not just an exercise for the body but can be more demanding and challenging for the mental and spiritual levels. It can sometimes take practice connecting to your breath and spiritual side through movement. Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana to enter this pose, begin by laying on your stomach on your mat. Your feet should be about hip-width distance apart. Bring your hands to your mat near your chest underneath your shoulders. Fingers should be spread and pointing towards the front of your mat. Focus on your breath; curl your toes as you exhale, raise your upper body from the ground, and straighten...

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Magic in the Chakras

Hearing the word chakra is becoming a lot more frequent, but still, most people have no idea what the chakras are. People are talking about clearing the chakras, aligning the chakras, and even opening and balancing the chakras. But what does any of this even mean? The word chakra in Sanskrit means "wheels" or "disk," Although written in different terms, it first represented power and influence within the Hindu Vedas. However, through discovery, we have noticed that other cultures and religions began to adopt this word and referred to the chakras as the centers of the body's energy travels. What are these "wheels"? There are seven major chakras within the body, technically, there are more, but for the sake of...

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