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Karma Yoga

Monday Mala Mindfulness


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Feather Smudging Wand

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Moonbeam Smudge Spray

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Intention Wand

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Moon Ritual Treasure Candle

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Emilie Button

Coloring Book

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What others have to say

"Great products! Packaged with a lot of love and care."

- Parker Buehler

"Best thing I have done for myself all week. I will go back, it refilled my positive energy"

-Nicole Coolest

"Learning so much! I aspire to be just like Bonni Sue when I grow up."

-Heather Vandemark

"Just tried everything in my box. The Strawberry Lime Scrub is amazing. Love it all!"

-Heather Wolford

"I love the hand sugar scrub and the rosemary eye serum"

-Debbie Spears

"Not only has Bonni been one of our close friends, but she has been a pillar of light and healing in our life. We were having issues with bad energy and weird feelings in our house, and she came and cleansed our home. Not only did she bring years of knowledge, her positive energy, and her cleansing tools, but she brought us options to buy for our home for us to use daily. After her cleansing of the house, we noticed an immediate lifting of the negativity that had plagued our home. After a week of using her Moonbeam Smudge and sage, the house has remained happy, positive and full of light. It's like we have her here every day! Bonni's knowledge is only matched by her positive energy she brings. Every experience and tool available in her shop is made with love, experience, and years of research."

-Megan Delzell

"Your oils cured my skin and acne!! Please keep making them!"

-Samantha Nelson